Public Safety

Public Safety is my passion. I strenuously advocate for the citizens of Valencia County and the state of New Mexico in the area of tougher laws against those who put our safety at risk, especially for those most vulnerable-our children. My record speaks for itself. I have sponsored bipartisan bills to stop child predators from using legal loopholes to continue their actions. I have worked with constant resolve on domestic violence bills to protect family members from the cycle of abuse. I continue to be the voice of those victims who need justice to prevail with stiffer penalties so no one else will suffer the devastation of preventable family violence. I have introduced intervention legislation in the existing governmental systems that assist our families and children. I am continuing to see Public Safety as my primary responsibility as a public official.

Assuring the funding for our public safety departments, Police, Fire, and Rescue, is a priority for me. No citizen of New Mexico, or of Valencia County, should ever fear that if help is called for it maybe too far away to arrive in time. We are a vast state in distance, but that should not hold us back from assisting our neighbors in time of need.  I will work on funding to make sure we get our fair share when it comes to our safety. Nothing should be spared when it comes to making sure our public safety departments have all they have in the latest training and equipment to guarantee our safety.

As a wife and a mother, safety is of primary importance to me, not just for my family, but for yours as well. The wellbeing of our community is really why I chose to run for public office. I wanted to make our community safer for all our children. I vow I will do my best to continue to make Valencia County a safe place to live.