Protecting our children

“Sometimes the reasons you run is not the reason you stay. You will find yourself fighting with all you’ve got for something you’re willing to go down swinging for; for me, it’s always the kids.” –Kelly Fajardo.

Kelly Fajardo has proven she means those words. She has made it her primary concern to be the lawmaker in Santa Fe to pick up the banner of protecting New Mexico’s children. It has become her passion to continue the fight to introduce and carry legislation through the House of Representatives to defend our children. Her track record demonstrates she is a tireless advocate for child welfare in the state of New Mexico:

During the 2013 session, Kelly’s first time in the Legislator, she introduced a bill to reform the Amber Alert System. Prior to the bill the system was only activated if the suspected abductor was not a relative, putting hundreds of children at risk when estranged family members could cause harm to themselves and the child as well.  Representative Fajardo’s bill expanded the reasons an Amber Alert could be issued to ensure that our children were protected when the abductor is a non-custodial family member.
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Valencia County has the highest rate of children in CYFD care. For Rep. Fajardo this information meant that action had to be taken. During Kelly’s first term in office, she worked with the Administration and CYFD to bring the first Child Advocacy Center to Valencia County.  The Valencia Child Advocacy joins law enforcement, CYFD, medical, mental health professionals, and advocates together under one roof to coordinate the needs of the family in crisis thereby keeping the family united.  This model, begun in Valencia County, is now being used throughout the state to open up more centers to provide services to needy families. Strong families build stronger communities. Helping families in crisis serves in the best interest of our children.

But the fight is not over…

For 3 years, Representative Fajardo has fought to protect children from sexual predators.  Due to a loop hole in the law, an individual can send a picture of their own genital to a child. There are no criminal penalties if person sends a pornographic picture of someone’s body to a minor.  Due to an actual case in New Mexico, a predator was able to escape prosecution due to this loophole. Representative Fajardo has fought to overhaul this law so no child can be subjected to this mistreatment.  For 3 years, while the bill to protect our children has passed in the House unanimously, the bill has died in the Senate. Kelly seeks your help to make this bill become law this year. Notify your state senator that you want this law to go through in the 2017 session. Set politics aside and protect our kids.

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Kelly will continue to stay as long as she sees children in need. Our kids are one of the passions that drives her to continue to serve our community. Representative Fajardo is staying in office to see them grow up in a safe place they can call home.