Valencia County has a history of being an industrious area. From its early days as a center of agriculture and sheep ranching which led into Solomon Luna’s persuading the railroad through our valley bringing in new people and new adventures to the current population boom, there is no greater need in our community than to have local job opportunities. It is no secret that Los Lunas is a commuter community, but I want it to become one that residence of Albuquerque commute to so they can spend their dollars here.  We have the potential for growth. We have the foundation. We need to build on it.

I have worked in several areas to make this county successful in drawing businesses into our district. I am working to introduce a Work Force Needs Analysis which would appropriate monies to advertise New Mexico to out of state businesses to come to our community to build here and employ our citizens instead of sending jobs elsewhere. We must be able to compete with other States and sell our resources, and our most valuable resource is our people, our heritage of good neighbors, and family values. We have the population and the long history of working hard together to get the job done.

I have also thought beyond the current needs and look into the future. I have introduced legislation that would look at what our kids will need to know coming out of college. We must bridge the gap between graduation and the real world of the workforce. This will give our children an edge in the coming job market and make our community a desirable place to live for future generations. Being able to keep our kids in our communities due to the opportunities they have here is of vital importance to our continued growth. A future for our hometowns is reliant upon bring jobs into our county.

Whether it is big industry on the mesa or the Mom and Pop shops of the valley, we don’t have to lose our identity to bring work into Valencia County. Our history is one of hard working people who pulled together to create a legacy we can be proud of. We owe it to our children as we move into the future to give them opportunities here, at home, to continue that heritage, and bring it full circle by passing on our identity as a people who maintained the spirit of Solomon Luna’s Valencia County as a place where people were welcomed to come and work beside us.