It has been my honor to be your state representative for District 7 since being elected in 2012. During my two terms in office I have worked with both parties to see that our state’s best interest is served, but my focus has always been on the residence of Valencia County. During my term, I have been honored to be elected as Majority Caucus Chair giving me an opportunity to work with both parties in a leadership role. This opportunity afforded our district a unique voice in the legislative process as I am your representative.

Choosing to be your legislator has kept me busy and made me appreciate the area I live in even more than before I was elected. I have met so many amazingly loving people who are truly concerned about their neighbors, our state, and our future. I share that passion. I am always willing to listen to what you have to say.

I believe transparency in politics is part of being an elected official. As such I invite you to read more about my positions on Jobs, Public Safety and Ethical Leadership.

I am blessed to serve you and will continue to diligently work to on your behalf as your representative for District 7.