Government Efficiency

When I was elected to the leadership of the House of Representatives two years ago, we made a commitment to be good stewards for the People of New Mexico, both fiscally and operationally.  We have saved more than $1 million in each of the two sessions in which we have been in charge through carefully delegation of staffing and the use of office resources.  Operational changes have also been made by being punctual in our posting agendas, holding committee meetings on time, and holding to the bills that are scheduled to be heard. All committee and floor sessions were held during the time allotted to us by the Constitution, even if that meant weekends in Santa Fe. Getting the job done in the time allows us more time during the year to meet with our constituency so that we can concern ourselves with the issues that are important to you, rather than playing politics with the limited time we have in session.

Being your representative is the most important role I play in the House of Representatives. Valencia County is my home. When I leave Santa Fe at the end of a legislative session, I come back to District 7 and the friends that support me to do the work for the State of New Mexico. I know how important governmental efficiency is to those who I represent. I am accountable to you. I am honored to serve you and pledge to do all I can to be as effectual as possible in dealing with the resources of the House of the People of New Mexico.