Politics implies there is some sort of corruption going on. It will not be that way on my watch. Transparency is my pledge to you. I have supported the strengthening of our public Open Meetings Act. I believe in televising committee meetings during legislative sessions. I support limiting former public officials from working as a lobbyist after they leave office, placing a limit on the Gift Act, and requiring elected officials to undergo ethics training every year they serve. Corruption ought not to be synonymous with politics.

I believe it is a sacred trust to hold office as your legislator. I will fight against those who would break that trust by ensuring notice of public governmental meetings 72 hours before the event so that more citizens of New Mexico can participate in their government. I will advocate on your behalf for public corruption laws to push for harder penalties for those elected officials that would break their oaths for personal gain, engaging in corruption, so they can be prosecuted and receive criminal penalties including jail sentences. I will do all I can to maintain the trust you have placed in me as your elected representative.

Having someone you can trust in office is of primary importance. I want you to rest assured I value ethics in politics as much as you do. I will continue to press on in the struggle against corruption in public office.